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Triton DataCenter Reference

Triton DataCenter is a large and complex beast. Many of the components that make up Triton (REST APIs, agents, the SmartOS platform, important libraries) have their own reference documentation. This page links to those, with a brief description of each. See also the overview of Triton repositories.


By "Services" here, we mean SAPI services of type "vm". See the service section in the glossary for details.

Name Repo Description
adminui sdc-adminui Triton Operations Portal
amon sdc-amon Triton monitoring and alarming
amonredis sdc-amonredis Internal infrastructure for the Amon service
binder binder Triton/Manta DNS server over Apache ZooKeeper
ca sdc-cloud-analytics Triton internal API for gathering real-time metrics across the datacenter
cloudapi sdc-cloudapi Triton Public HTTP API
cnapi sdc-cnapi Triton Compute Node API
cmon triton-cmon Triton Container Monitor
cns triton-cns Triton Container Naming Service
dhcpd sdc-booter Triton Compute Node DHCP and TFTP server
docker sdc-docker Triton Remote Docker API
fwapi sdc-fwapi Triton Firewall API
imgapi sdc-imgapi Triton Image API
mahi mahi Authentication cache
manatee sdc-manatee Highly available Postgres
manta sdc-manta Triton tools for deploying and managing a Manta
moray moray Highly-available key/value store
napi sdc-napi Triton Network API
papi sdc-papi Triton Package (aka instance types) API
portolan sdc-portolan Triton VXLAN Directory
rabbitmq sdc-rabbitmq Triton internal RabbitMQ
sapi sdc-sapi Triton Service API
sdc sdc-sdc Triton internal "sdc" zone with ops tooling
ufds sdc-ufds Triton LDAP directory service. It is used primarily for user management. The deprecated customer API (CAPI) runs in this zone.
vmapi sdc-vmapi Triton Virtual Machine API
volapi sdc-volapi Triton Volumes API
workflow sdc-workflow Triton Workflow API and job runner service


By "Agents" here, we mean all Triton agents as described by the agent section in the glossary. The "Where" column of this table indicates where an instance of this agent is typically running: "vm" means in Triton core VMs, "gz" means in the global zone of Triton servers (both the headnode and compute nodes).

Name Repo Where Description
amon-agent sdc-amon vm, gz Agent for Amon system, responsible for probe checking
amon-relay sdc-amon gz Relay for Amon system, go-between for Amon agents and the central master
cainstsvc sdc-cloud-analytics gz Agent for cloud-analytics system, responsible for gathering CA data on-demand
cmon-agent sdc-cn-agent gz Provides statistics to CMON for local containers
cn-agent sdc-cn-agent gz Monitors CN usage and executes tasks on CN
config-agent sdc-config-agent vm, gz Triton configuration file writer
firewaller sdc-firewaller-agent gz Syncs firewall rules and associated VM data from FWAPI and VMAPI.
hagfish-watcher sdc-hagfish-watcher gz Records telemetry about customer workloads for usage monitoring and billing purposes.
hermes-actor sdc-hermes gz Uploads Triton logs to Manta
net-agent sdc-net-agent gz Next generation agent for updating NAPI with CN network data.
registrar registrar vm Registers the local host with binder for Triton internal DNS.
smartlogin sdc-smart-login gz The set of components that enable SSHd on VMs to resolve public keys in UFDS.
varpd varpd gz Provides virtual ARP services for overlay networks by querying Portolan
vm-agent sdc-vm-agent gz Next generation agent for updating VMAPI with VM data from a CN.
ur sdc-ur-agent gz Triton Compute Node bootstrapping agent

Important Libraries

Name Description
sdc-designation A package to select a compute node for VM instance provisioning. The Designation API (DAPI) is used by CNAPI.

Important CLI tools

Name Description
sdcadm A tool for managing and updating Triton installations