Basic service to finalize a new SmartOS zone provisioned
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melloc DATASET-1249 zoneinit shouldn't crash on IPv6-only zones
Reviewed by: Joshua M. Clulow <>
Latest commit c66e345 Mar 18, 2016

SmartOS zoneinit

Basic service to finalize a new SmartOS zone provisioned.


The zoneinit script runs under SMF and finalizes a new zone just provisioned. Once it concludes with a non-zero status, it won't run again. If it fails for whatever reason, the entire zone provision is evaluated as a failure.


Holds all the current zoneinit include scripts. They get executed in numeral order.

mdata-fetch / mdata-execute

The mdata-fetch and mdata-execute scripts are provided for when they do not exist yet in the OS (as is the case of e.g. most compute nodes in JPC). They only divert slightly from their current OS variants, to address differencies on legacy platforms. The accompanying mdata.xml manifest defines the 'mdata' SMF service.