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Predixy 中文版

Predixy is a high performance and fully featured proxy for redis sentinel and redis cluster


  • High performance and lightweight.
  • Multi-threads support.
  • Works on Linux, OSX, BSD, Windows(Cygwin).
  • Supports Redis Sentinel, single/multi redis group[s].
  • Supports Redis Cluster.
  • Supports redis block command, eg:blpop, brpop, brpoplpush.
  • Supports scan command, even multi redis instances.
  • Multi-keys command support: mset/msetnx/mget/del/unlink/touch/exists.
  • Multi-databases support, means redis command select is avaliable.
  • Supports redis transaction, limit in Redis Sentinel single redis group.
  • Supports redis Scripts, script load, eval, evalsha.
  • Supports redis Pub/Sub.
  • Multi-DataCenters support, read from slaves.
  • Extend AUTH, readonly/readwrite/admin permission, keyspace limit.
  • Log level sample, async log record.
  • Log file auto rotate by time and/or file size.
  • Stats info, CPU/Memory/Requests/Responses and so on.
  • Latency monitor.


Predixy can be compiled and used on Linux, OSX, BSD, Windows(Cygwin). Requires C++11 compiler.

It is as simple as:

$ make

To build in debug mode:

$ make debug

Some other build options:

  • CXX=c++compiler, default is g++, you can specify other, eg:CXX=clang++
  • EV=epoll|poll|kqueue, default it is auto detect according by platform.
  • MT=false, disable multi-threads support.
  • TS=true, enable predixy function call time stats, debug only for developer.

For examples:

$ make CXX=clang++
$ make EV=poll
$ make MT=false
$ make debug MT=false TS=true


Just copy src/predixy to the install path

$ cp src/predixy /path/to/bin


See below files:

  • predixy.conf, basic config, will refrence below config files.
  • cluster.conf, Redis Cluster backend config.
  • sentinel.conf, Redis Sentinel backend config.
  • auth.conf, authority control config.
  • dc.conf, multi-datacenters config.
  • latency.conf, latency monitor config.


$ src/predixy conf/predixy.conf

With default predixy.conf, Predixy will listen at and proxy to Redis Cluster In general, is not running in Redis Cluster mode. So you will look mass log output, but you can still test it with redis-cli.

$ redis-cli -p 7617 info

More command line arguments:

$ src/predixy -h


Like redis, predixy use INFO command to give stats.

Show predixy running info and latency monitors

redis> INFO

Show latency monitors by latency name

redis> INFO Latency <latency-name>

A latency monitor example:

            latency(us)   sum(us)           counts
<=          100              3769836            91339 91.34%
<=          200               777185             5900 97.24%
<=          300               287565             1181 98.42%
<=          400               185891              537 98.96%
<=          500               132773              299 99.26%
<=          600                85050              156 99.41%
<=          700                85455              133 99.54%
<=          800                40088               54 99.60%
<=         1000                67788               77 99.68%
>          1000               601012              325 100.00%
T            60              6032643           100001
The last line is total summary, 60 is average latency(us)

Show latency monitors by server address and latency name

redis> INFO ServerLatency <server-address> [latency-name]

Reset all stats and latency monitors, require admin permission.

redis> CONFIG ResetStat


predixy is fast, how fast? more than twemproxy, codis, redis-cerberus

See wiki benchmark


Copyright (C) 2017 Joyield, Inc. <>

All rights reserved.

License under BSD 3-clause "New" or "Revised" License

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A high performance and fully featured proxy for redis, support redis sentinel and redis cluster





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