Custom panel form Django Debug Toolbar which display HTML Validation errors and warnings
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HTML Tidy/Validator Panel for Django Debug Toolbar

The Django Debug Toolbar is a configurable set of panels that display various debug information about the current request/response and when clicked, display more details about the panel's content.

HTML Tidy or HTML Validatory is custom panel for Django Debug Panel which validate your HTML and display warning and errors as panel.

Panel code based on PyTidyLib

Installation & Configuration

  1. Please, make sure that you have tidy librart installed:
  • libtidy-dev for Ubuntu
  • tidy for Mac Ports (Mac OS X)
  1. Install and configure django-debug-toolbar app

  2. Add the debug_toolbar_htmltidy directory to your Python path.

  3. Add debug_toolbar_htmltidy to your INSTALLED_APPS in file:

  1. Add the following panel to your Django Debug Toolbar panels configuration tuple in file:

  1. Include in file which specified in ROOT_URLCONF setting in url to HTMLTidyDebugPanel media:

	url(r'^', include('debug_toolbar_htmltidy.urls'))

Running the Tests

The HTML Tidy Panel for Django Debug Toolbar includes a test suite ::

python test

Tests result

Django	Debug Toolbar	Status
1.1.1	0.8.5			passed
1.1.1	0.8.4			passed
1.1.1	0.8.3			passed
1.1.1	0.8.2			passed
1.1.1	0.8.1			failed
1.1.1	0.8.0			failed
1.2		0.8.5			passed
1.2		0.8.4			passed
1.2		0.8.3			passed
1.2		0.8.2			passed
1.2		0.8.1			failed
1.2		0.8.0			failed
1.3		0.8.5			passed
1.3		0.8.4			passed
1.3		0.8.3			passed
1.3		0.8.2			passed
1.3		0.8.1			failed
1.3		0.8.0			failed


See: issue tracker on github