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JsLint Checker for Sublimt Text 2

Almost whole implementation stolen from sublimetext_python_checker by Roman Vorushin

Author: Maksym Klymyshyn

Blog: Django and Other.


  1. December 10, 2011 – JsLint tool execution (JsLint4Java) moved to separate thread so now plugin becoming useful for daily usage


  1. Clone source into Sublime Packages Folder (Preferences -> Browse Packages)
  2. Change path to jslint4java and arguments for it in
  3. Restart Sublime


JsChecker Package tested only with jslint4java but it should work with other jslint execution methods like node or rhino. Tested way of execution of JsLint is quite slow and I will rework it in future to speed up checks.

  1. JsLint4Java.