Joyful extensions to make Visual Studio more enjoyable. Mainly related to improve code quality. Current capabilities are removal of unwanted whitespaces, commented code.
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Joyful Tools for VisualStudio

Joyful Tools to make Visual Studio more enjoyable

Below are the extensions

  1. Remove multiple blank lines
  2. Description: Targetted to remove multiple blank lines or continuous duplicate blank lines. The replacement will be with a single blank line. These continuous line breaks removal can be done using RegEx in Find and Replace window. But the extension makes it easier.
  3. How to use:Edit->Remove multiple blank lines.
  4. Remove commented code except XML comments.
  5. Description: Helps to remove commented code from C# & VB.Net files. Especially useful when working with legacy projects with 1000s of lines and half of the lines are commented code.
  6. How to use:Edit->Remove commented code

Currently Supports

Visual Studio 2013 (All flavors)

How to isntall

Option 1 - Using Visual Studio Extension Manager

  1. Inside Visual Studio select Tools -> Extensions and Updates to open Visual Studio Extension Manager.
  2. Goto section "Online" to search for "Joyful Tools"
  3. Install the extension and restart Visual Studio.

Option 2 - Download and manual install

  1. Download the package from
  2. Install it by double click.