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Welcome to the mysql_udfs wiki!

I’m Jo Yo, and I created this collection of MySQL User Defined Functions that solve some of my problems fairly well. I intend to grow the collection out more, but now I have the coolest UDF ever. The original UDFs I made were lame and were related to a text analysis package I made. The new and most awesome one is jsmap which lets me map javascript functions onto values or JSON objects.

You can install it Install (Simple Style)

I plan to get things cleaned up (or you can help) in getting the directory structure figured out and various deployments. Right now, it deploys fine on my development and production environments, so I’m relatively content (sorry). I intend to get the license stuff integrated and figure out the best way to link to Mozilla’s SpiderMonkey and how to include the mysql stuff.

I’m very excited to get this posted as my new UDF JsMap is very useful in my work and experiments.

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