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(ns joy.macros
"Examples of macros from chapter 8")
(defn contextual-eval [ctx expr]
`(let [~@(mapcat (fn [[k v]] [k `'~v]) ctx)]
(defmacro do-until [& clauses]
(when clauses
(list `when (first clauses)
(if (next clauses)
(second clauses)
(throw (IllegalArgumentException.
"do-until requires an even number of forms")))
(cons 'do-until (next (next clauses))))))
(defmacro unless [condition & body]
`(if (not ~condition) ;; #1_unless: Unquote condition
(do ~@body))) ;; #2_unless: Splice body
(defn from-end [s n] ;; #3_unless: Use our unless
(let [delta (dec (- (count s) n))]
(unless (neg? delta) ;; #4_unless: Return nil if negative
(nth s delta))))
(defmacro def-watched [name & value]
(def ~name ~@value)
(add-watch (var ~name)
(fn [~'key ~'r old# new#]
(println old# " -> " new#)))))
;; Domain DSL
(defmacro domain [name & body]
`{:tag :domain,
:attrs {:name (str '~name)},
:content [~@body]})
(declare handle-things)
(defmacro grouping [name & body]
`{:tag :grouping,
:attrs {:name (str '~name)},
:content [~@(handle-things body)]})
(declare grok-attrs grok-props)
(defn handle-things [things]
(for [t things]
{:tag :thing,
:attrs (grok-attrs (take-while (comp not vector?) t))
:content (if-let [c (grok-props (drop-while (comp not vector?) t))
(defn grok-attrs [attrs]
(into {:name (str (first attrs))}
(for [a (rest attrs)]
(list? a) [:isa (str (second a))]
(string? a) [:comment a]))))
(defn grok-props [props]
(when props
{:tag :properties, :attrs nil,
:content (apply vector (for [p props]
{:tag :property,
:attrs {:name (str (first p))},
:content nil}))}))
(def d
(domain man-vs-monster
(grouping people ;; #: Group of people
(Human "A stock human") ;; #: One kind of person
(Man (isa Human) ;; #: Another kind of person
"A man, baby"
(grouping monsters ;; #: Group of monsters
(Chupacabra ;; #: One kind of monster
"A fierce, yet elusive creature"
;; anaphora
(defmacro awhen [expr & body]
`(let [~'it ~expr] ;; #1_awhen: Define anaphora
(if ~'it ;; #2_awhen: Check its truth
(do ~@body)))) ;; #3_awhen: Inline the body
;; a Lispy design pattern!
(defmacro with-resource [binding close-fn & body]
`(let ~binding
(try (do ~@body)
(~close-fn ~(binding 0))))))
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