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(ns joyofclojure.test.test-udp
(:use [clojure.test :only [deftest is]])
(:refer-clojure :exclude [get])
(:use joy.udp :reload))
(def cat {:likes-dogs true, :ocd-bathing true})
(def morris (beget {:likes-9lives true} cat))
(def post-traumatic-morris (beget {:likes-dogs nil} morris))
(deftest test-get
(is (get cat :likes-dogs))
(is (get morris :likes-dogs))
(is (not (get post-traumatic-morris :likes-dogs))))
(defmulti compiler :os)
(defmethod compiler ::unix [m] (get m :c-compiler))
(defmethod compiler ::osx [m] (get m :c-compiler))
(def unix {:os ::unix, :c-compiler "cc", :home "/home", :dev "/dev"})
(def osx (-> (clone unix) (put :os ::osx) (put :c-compiler "gcc") (put :home "/Users")))
(deftest test-proto-lookup-simple
(is (= "cc" (compiler unix)))
(is (= "gcc" (compiler osx))))
(defmulti home :os)
(defmethod home ::unix [m] (get m :home))
(deftest test-proto-lookup-derived
(is (= "/home" (home unix)))
(is (thrown? IllegalArgumentException (home osx)))
(is (= "/Users" (do
(derive ::osx ::unix)
(home osx))))
(is (isa? ::osx ::unix)))
(defmethod home ::bsd [m] "/home")
(deftest test-proto-lookup-derived-prefer
(is (thrown? IllegalArgumentException (do (derive ::osx ::bsd)
(home osx))))
(is (= "/Users" (do (prefer-method home ::unix ::bsd)
(home osx))))
(is (= "/home" (home {:os ::bsd})))
(is (thrown? IllegalArgumentException (do (remove-method home ::bsd)
(home {:os ::bsd}))))
(is (= "/Users" (home osx))))
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