Pivoting and charting big tabular data sets in a browser UI based on R and Shiny.
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Pivoting and charting big tabular data sets in a web UI based on R and Shiny.

Given that this works but lacks ease of use and necessary features, I consider this project so far rather a proof of concept to show that an interactive data explorer can be comparatively easily realized with R.

Further details on the project you may find on my web-site.

##set up data to play with

  1. Download hlth_cd_acdr.sdmx.zip from EUROSTAT.
  2. Convert containing SDMX/DSD to CSV using most recent version of SDMX Converter with settings:
  • Input File: ...\hlth_cd_acdr.sdmx.xml
  • Output File: ...\hlth_cd_acdr.csv
  • DSD File: ...\hlth_cd_acdr.dsd.xml
  • Input Format: COMPACT_SDMX
  • Output Format: CSV
  1. The resulting CSV is lacking a header and needs further processing:

    df <- read.table("path\\hlth_cd_acdr.csv", header=FALSE, sep=";")
    df <- df[,1:(ncol(df)-1)]
    names(df) <- c("freq","unit","sex","age","icd10","geo","T","V")
    df$T <- paste(as.character(df$T),"-01-01",sep="")
    dfx <- df[nchar(as.character(df$geo)) == 2, !(names(df) %in% c("unit","freq"))]

The resulting TSV should look like this:

"sex"	"age"	"icd10"	"geo"	"T"	"V"
"F"	"TOTAL"	"A-R_V-Y"	"AL"	"2000-01-01"	452.4
"F"	"TOTAL"	"A-R_V-Y"	"AL"	"2001-01-01"	417
"F"	"TOTAL"	"A-R_V-Y"	"AL"	"2002-01-01"	459.3
"F"	"TOTAL"	"A-R_V-Y"	"AL"	"2003-01-01"	509.7

##launch r-big-pivot: Place server.r and ui.r in a folder named "r-big-pivot".


##load the data file and run some commands:

  1. "upload" the TSV file (and wait until values for it are displayed)
  2. adjust w1,w2 and h
  3. t1:
  select T, age, geo, sex, V 
  from o 
  where sex in ("M","F") 
    and age in ("Y_GE65","Y_LT65") 
    and geo in ("DE","FR") 
    # viral hepatitis
    and icd10 = "B15-B19_B942"
  1. t2:
sql(select T, (geo || "_" || sex || "_" || age) as x, V as V from t1);
  1. t3:
  1. plot:
# also implemented are point(...) for scatter plots and box(...) for box plots

(Shiny checks if the content of a text box changed in short intervals. Only if command is ended with a semicolon, the command is parsed and executed.)

the chart we just plotted

(In case you are curious about the sudden rise of death due to viral hepatitis, have a look here)