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use strict;
use warnings;
#use Test::More 'no_plan';
use Test::More tests => 5;
use Test::Exception;
use_ok ( 'Acme::KnowledgeWisdom' ) or exit;
exit main();
sub main {
my $kw_has_already = Acme::KnowledgeWisdom->new('has_already' => 1);
isa_ok($kw_has_already, 'Acme::KnowledgeWisdom', 'are you sure?');
is($kw_has_already->get, 42, 'get if has already');
# not in questions
my $kw_answers = Acme::KnowledgeWisdom->new('in_questions' => 0);
is($kw_answers->get, 42, 'get if in answers');
# in questions
my $kw_questions = Acme::KnowledgeWisdom->new();
dies_ok { $kw_questions->get } 'get if in questions';
return 0;
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