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XML::Char - validate characters for XML
use XML::Char;
if (not XML::Char->valid("bell ".chr(7))) {
die 'no way to store this string directly to XML';
use utf8;
use XML::Char;
if (XML::Char->valid("UTF8 je pořádný peklo")) {
print "fuf, we are fine\n";
For me it was kind of a surprised to learn that `char(0)' is a valid
UTF-8 character. All of the 0-0x7F are...
Emo: well it's not because that they are valid utf-8 characters that you have to expect XML to accept them
Well of course not, now I know :-) defines which characters XML
processors MUST accept:
[2] Char ::= #x9 | #xA | #xD | [#x20-#xD7FF] | [#xE000-#xFFFD] | [#x10000-#x10FFFF]
/* any Unicode character, excluding the surrogate blocks, FFFE, and FFFF. */
This module validates if a given string meets this criteria. In addition
the string has to be a Perl UTF-8 string (`is_utf8_string()' - see
Returns true or false if `$value' consists of valid UTF-8 XML
Jozef Kutej
Aristotle Pagaltzis - completely rewrote the initial Char.XS to handle
the SvUTF8 flag
Copyright 2009 Jozef Kutej, all rights reserved.
This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it
under the same terms as Perl itself.