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=head1 Pod::2::DocBook
* 0.02 Thu 3 Jul 2008
- now using Module::Build instead of ExtUtils::MakeMaker
- added 00-compile.t, distribution.t, pod-coverage.t, pod-spell.t,
pod.t, signature.t
- docbook in examples/
- "refnamediv>" xml typo fixed (yanick)
- code cleanup (yanick, jk)
- no more duplicated id-s (yanick)
- added --base-id option for setting the id of the base element of generated xml
- element id strings generated from base-id and the name of the pod heading
* 0.01 Tue 10 Jun 2008
- Applied patches for =for blocks from Perl Training Australia's
Pod::DocBook repository. (pjf)
- Updated t/Pod-2-Docbook.t for more streamlined testing. (pjf)
- Corrected POD errors in Changes file. (pjf)
- xml validity fix, full DOCTYPE (yanick)
=head1 OLD Pod::DocBook
=head1 v1.2
=item Fri 6 Jun 2008
Renamed module to Pod::2::DocBook 0.01
=item Tue 16 Mar 2004
Released Pod::DocBook 1.2
Added missing test files
=head1 v1.1
=item Tue 16 Mar 2004
Released Pod::DocBook 1.1
=item Wed 3 Mar 2004
F<README> is now pod format (seemed appropriate)
=item Tue 2 Mar 2004
F<Changes> is now pod format (seemed appropriate)
fixed doc: C<=item *> yields C<< <itemizedlist> >>, not
C<< <simplelist> >>
fixed bug in C<< <orderedlist> >> output
now uses MD5 hashes for fixed-length IDs (thanks to Jacques Supcik)
added B<--no-header> option to B<pod2docbook> (thanks to Jacques
=item Thu 26 Feb 2004
fixed bug with blank lines in C<=begin docbook> ... C<=end docbook>
regions (thanks to Garry Williams)
=head1 v1.0
=item Thu 19 Feb 2004
released Pod::DocBook 1.0
=item Tue 30 Dec 2003
started rewrite of Pod::DocBook
specialize Pod::Parser instead of parsing directly
emit formatted DocBook 4.2 SGML
=head1 OLD -- Pod::DocBook 0.6 and earlier
o Support for L<> style linking, includes new Id naming scheme
o additional styles, variable headx->secty mapping
o removed unneccessary <para></para> pairs
o fixed index building (but don't use this)
o general de-HTML-ization
o Added an incremental fix from Pod::HTML which corrected bogus output
in C<0>, B<0> and so on tags.
o Added handling for auto-tag generation
o POD files such as:
=head1 Some Chapter Title
will format the first =head1 tag as a <chapter> tag and automatically
fill in the final </chapter> for you when run with --no-header and
o =over/=item/=back handling cleaned up a bit to produce correct
<variablelist>, <orderedList> and <itemizedList> constructs
o Added basic auto-tagging handling.
o Added --root-id argument to specify the root tag id
o Removed <A> tags which were an overhang from pod2html