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<title>Pod & DocBook</title>
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<h1>7. Jul 2008</h1>
<h2>Pod & DocBook</h2>
<div class="presentation">
<div class="slide">
<h1>Pod & DocBook</h1>
<p><img src='pod-docbook/docbook-and-perl.png'/></p>
<div class="slide">
<h2>"The Source for Documentation"</h2>
<li>everyone needs one</li>
<li>no one relly enjoy to write one</li>
<li>it's not that easy to start to use it - no "main stream editor",
just a lot of tags definitions laying around on web</li>
<li>after it's setup, it's easy to write and generate different formats - PDF, HTML, ...</li>
<div class="slide">
<h2>the Plain Old Documentation format</h2>
<li>every (?) Perl developer is aware and it's easy to use</li>
<li><code>=head1, =head2, =cut, L&lt;&gt;</code><br/> know-how is just enough to write it</li>
<li>probably doesn't need introduction || justification</li>
<div class="slide">
<h1>Pod + DocBook</h1>
<h2>CPAN has:</h2>
<li>Pod::DocBook 0.05<br/>(Alligator Descartes - latest release 03 Apr 1999)</li>
<li>Pod::DocBook 1.2<br/>
(Nandu Shah - latest release 16 Mar 2004<br/>
<font color="red">** UNAUTHORIZED RELEASE **</font>)<br/>
<li>Pod::2::DocBook 0.01<br>(Jozef Kutej - latest release 02 Jul 2008)<br/>
+ Paul Fenwick, + Yanick Champoux</li>
<div class="slide">
<h1>Pod::2::DocBook - Why</h1>
<li>allow to create DocBook sections from Pod that can be xincluded
to the main documentation file</li>
<li>developers continue with Pod, "writers" can write the "sauce"</li>
<li>has a DocBook documentation ;-) (doc/)</li>
<li>has "source" for it's documentation (examples/pod2docbook-docbook)</li>
<div class="slide">
<h1>Pod::2::DocBook doc/</h1>
<h2>let's see how it look like</h2>
<div class="slide">
<h1>Pod::2::DocBook example</h1>
<li>in version >= 0.02_01</li>
<li>apt-get install docbook-utils psutils docbook-xml docbook-xsl xsltproc fop make</li>
<li>cd Pod-2-Docbook/examples/pod2docbook-docbook/</li>
<li>make Pod-2-DocBook.html</li>
<li>make Pod-2-DocBook.pdf</li>
<li>let's try/see it...</li>
<div class="slide">
<li><a href="">Pod::2::DocBook@CPAN</a></li>
<li><a href="">Pod::2::DocBook@Ohloh</a></li>
<!-- <div class="slide" style="background: url('catalyst-tricks/view.jpg') right top no-repeat;"> -->
<div class="slide">
<h1>And that's it...</h1>
<p style="text-align: center;"><img src="catalyst-tricks/questions.jpg" alt="" title=""></p>
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