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YCanvas is an open source 2D tile renderer library written in ActionScript 3. It provides high performance solution for rendering world maps or projects like onBoard. The library also contains Stage3D (GPU) accelerated implementation based on Starling.

The engine is optimized for rendering speed as well as for releasing unused system resources. While GPU api for flash player requires textures at width and height at power of two, you can reach the best performance when using 256x256 or 512x512 tiles.


YCanvasMap is a more specific extension of YCanvas providing base implementation for map applications. It includes tools like polygons, strokes, markers and handlers for mouse or multi-touch navigation. The library works smoothly for web, Android or iOS applications. (example)

Projects using YCanvas

  • Train Lord is a live massively multi-player game (MMOG) using real world data and maps. Get it on Google play and App Store
  • onBoard is a massive collaborative painting and drawing canvas where you can draw, sketch, paint, zoom, rotate
  • Volcans d'Auvergne on Google Play or Apple Store - Tous les volcans de la chaîne des Puys dans votre poche !


See Ycanvas explorer demo (+stats) and compare the speed of YCanvas vs. the original implementation:

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If you like YCanvas, feel free to donate via PayPal.