Scalafmt configuration file used across several projects
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Scalafmt configuration file used across several projects

How To Use

  1. In your main project that needs scalafmt config file, add a new submodule
  git submodule add

Please note it uses https and not git protocol to allow Travis CI (or other tools) to access submodule repo without additional configurations)

  1. In your main project setup scalafmt to use config file from submodule
  • SBT
    • add sbt-scalafmt plugin (if not yet)
      addSbtPlugin("com.geirsson" % "sbt-scalafmt" % "1.6.0-RC4")
    • set scalafmtConfig key to point to the config file from submodule
    scalafmtConfig := Some(root.base / "scalafmt-config/.scalafmt.conf")
  • Maven
  1. When cloning a fresh copy of main project (or just updating another fork) don't forget to get submodule
  git clone --recursive my-project-that-uses-scalafmt-config-as-submodule-git-url


git clone my-project-that-uses-scalafmt-config-as-submodule-git-url
git pull --recurse-submodules
  1. If you push updates to .scalafmt.conf, don't forget to update main project to point to the latest commit of submodule