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reDesign Track

Track description:

Accessibility and visual appeal are vital attributes of any app or website’s user interface. While still remaining functional on the back end, many apps and websites on many different platforms have deplorable user interfaces that needs lots of work. This year’s HackRice “reDesign” track hopes to improve those interfaces. Using your knowledge of design and graphics, you will be tasked with redesigning the user interface of an app or website used by the public today that you believe needs overhaul.

Track prompt:

On any platform redesign a website or app’s user interface to ultimately improve user experience and aesthetic. Any app or website is allowed, however, it is worthwhile to consider how widely used this app/website is. While nothing needs to happen on the back end (i.e. no core functionality of the app or website), visual responsiveness to user interaction is required.

Suggested App/Website Ideas:

While you are by no means limited to these suggested apps,

  • Spotify/iTunes
  • Snapchat
  • Facebook
  • Reddit
  • Amazon/Alexa Mobile App
  • When2meet
  • Esther/Canvas(student resource webpages)
  • Government Websites


Frequently Asked Questions:

Does the app have to have background functionality?

  • It does not! The user interface only needs to respond as intended to user input in a way that can be demonstrated to the judging panel.

What do you define as “widely used”?

  • In the eyes of our judges, “widely used” means that it would see use in a somewhat large group of people. For example, Esther is not used across the globe, but Esther is very commonly used on Rice’s campus and serves an important purpose, so we would consider Esther widely used. Apps like Spotify and Facebook are also obviously widely used.

What languages or platforms can I use?

  • All languages and platforms are available to use; use whatever you are comfortable with. Just make sure to use a language/platform that is easily presentable and looks professional.
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