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Welcome to SlugPath! A navigational tool to get around the UC Santa Cruz Campus

Slugpath1 For those who do not know, the UC Santa Cruz campus is the largest campus in the Univervsity of California system. Along with all the redwood trees that surrounds you, this means that it would be really easy to get lost if you are not familiar with the campus itself. With the creation of SlugPath, you would not have to worry about getting lost ever again! With our mobile friendly web application, all you need to do is decide two locations: your from location and your terminal destination. We then give you the shortest path from those two locations along with the estimated time to get there. With this tool, we, the team of SlugPath, hope that you have a better time exploring campus during your time at UC Santa Cruz!


SlugPath is easy to use!

Step 1: Choose your flavor of filterings to help you plan your where you would start at.

Step 2: Now this hardest part that you will ever have to encounter while using SlugPath. Picking a place where you want to go! UC Santa Cruz is very big and there are so many places to explore.

Step 3: Alright when you are all set, feel free to press the GO button. Yes that green button the the right side.

Now wasn't that easy? In just the blink of an eye you have the shortest path to get to wherever you need to go!

Have fun exploring Slugs!

Built With


  • Joven Pableo: Product Owner, Stack Developer, and Data Collector
  • Edward J. Tagaca: Stack Developer and Data Collector
  • Pranav Salunke: Back-End Developer and Data Collector
  • Cameron Skaggs: Data Manager and Back-End Developer
  • Srijitha Somangili: Front-End Developer and Data Collector


Feel free to submit a pull request to add further paths or map nodes in the locations.js file under the DrawMap/js folder. It contains all the data represented on the map itself. To further get a detailed look of the data within the map, the testing function testButtons() which would be used in the console would further help in collection of data.