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Simple Auto Scroll

1. What is it?

A speed-customizable auto-scroll Google Chrome extension.

2. Why?

A lot of times I find myself reading long texfiles, and after a while, I kind of wish I could just read them as if they were a movie. I've tried with the mouse (middle click) thingy, but it's just not practical and adjusting the speed is very tricky - not to mention that a lot of times it's just too fast.

3. Features

This extension allows you to easily change the auto-scroll speed and save it in three different modes; slow, medium and fast. A single click will stop the auto-scrolling.

4. Installing

Option 1 just install it from the chrome web store

Option 2 – install it from source:

  • clone/download this repo,
  • open Chrome and go to chrome://chrome/extensions/,
  • enable "Developer mode",
  • click "Load unpacked extension",
  • select the extension folder in this repo.

5. Compatibility

It works on all Chrome distribution channels: Stable, Beta and Dev.

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