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10 Gemfile
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+source :gemcutter
+gem 'thin'
+gem 'sinatra', '1.0.0'
+gem 'hpricot'
+gem 'haml', '3.0.11'
+gem 'json'
+gem 'builder'
+gem 'erubis'
+gem 'ruby_parser'
@@ -0,0 +1,10 @@
+require 'rubygems'
+require 'bundler/setup'
+require 'sinatra'
+set :environment, :production
+disable :run
+require 'arabic_number_translator.rb'
+run Sinatra::Application
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+# Textual numerals web service
+## Task
+We usually write western numerals using Arabic number characters (1, 2, 3, ...), but we can
+also use textual phrases to represent those numbers.
+For example (in English and Spanish):
+7 → seven → siete
+42 → forty-two → cuarenta y dos
+2001 → two thousand and one → dos mil uno
+1999 → one thousand nine hundred and ninety-nine
+Your task is to design and implement a web service implementing the algorithm to translate a
+number into its textual representation and some related services.
+## Requirements
+The web service should follow the best practices you know about web services.
+The web service do not need to have a elaborated graphical user interface, but it will
+need a basic one (one that allows the user to input the parameters of the web service).
+It will also need a machine-oriented interface (using some data exchange format like
+simple text, JSON or XML).
+You can implement several languages if you want, but at least one of the must be
+One endpoint of the application will receive an Arabic numeral and will return its textual
+representation to the user.
+Optionally another endpoint of the application will receive two Arabic numerals and a
+parameter indicating if the user wants an odd or even answer, and it will return which
+odd or even number between the two numbers would be sorted first when written in its
+textual representation.
+The use of external libraries is allowed as long as they are necessary (a web framework
+for example, is allowed). But otherwise try to use as few 3rd party libraries as possible.
+The algorithms that you implement should have the lowest possible Big-O complexity
+both in time and space.
+## What we look at
+This task should give us an idea of how you think about solving problems with a limited amount
+of time. We look at how you structure your code, how it can be easily extended in the future
+when the requirements change, how easy is to understand and modify by others and how well
+it adheres to good object oriented practices. We also look at how efficient your code is, both in
+terms of space and time, code commenting, code structure and testing.
+## Questions?
+Any open question should be answered freely by the candidate. We want you to show initiative,
+and defend your point of view, so provide us with an explanation that can convice us.

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