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Update: I'm officially shutting down the hosted version of FeedLeap for a couple of reasons. It was currently giving too much problems, and with no time to pick this up, all subscriptions on Superfeedr have been deleted. So no new entries will be showing up on Kippt. Also, Kippt won't probably be receiving any attention after they announced their Next Chapter. I'll turn off the app on July 15th to allow anyone to retrieve their subscriptions manually from their dashboard. Thanks to everyone who helped this project live until now, especially Jori Lallo, Karri Saarinen and Julien Genestoux.

FeedLeap: RSS feeds that leap into Kippt

FeedLeap lets you subscribe to your favorite RSS feeds and store new entries as Clips in any Kippt List you want. Clips are stored with a url, title, and a summary.


This is a pretty simple web app that lets Kippt users subscribe to RSS feeds and store new entries as Clips in the List they choose. When a user subscribes to a feed we listen to updates from Superfeedr and add them to the List they chose.

Running locally

$ git clone
$ cd feedleap
$ pip install -r requirements.txt
$ cp sample.env .env
$ ./ syncdb
$ ./ migrate
$ ./ runserver_plus

You have to set your domain and Superfeedr credentials in the .env file. To test locally you'll need to setup a reverse shell or have a domain that is accessible from an external request where Superfeedr will verify your subscription callback before notifying of any updated feed entries.

Subscriptions management command

Included is a convenience management command to subscribe to one or more topic URLs. You can also unsubscribe by passing the --unsubscribe option.

$ ./ subscriptions


Licensed under the MIT License.


Thanks to @jorde and @ksaa from Kippt for their awesome feedback, support and simple API.

Thanks to Julien Genestoux and everyone at Superfeedr for powering our official demo.

Powered by Superfeedr


Please use the Github issue tracker for any bug reports or feature requests.


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