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A filesystem based repository focused on searchable capabilities, ideal for directories with lots (thousands) of files.
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Searchable Moodle repository

A filesystem-based repository focused on searchable capabilities, ideal for directories with lots (thousands) of files.


  1. Clone this repository or unzip the archive into repository/searchable.
  2. Go to Site Administration -> Notifications to install it.

Set up

  1. Go to Site Administration -> Plugins -> Repositories -> Searchable filesystem to:
  2. Set up this repository and user capabilities.
  3. Build instances of searchable repositories pointing to subdirectories under MOODLEDATA/repository/. They must not be links.

About this repository

We build course backups from Moodle courses, with thousands of backup files. When trying to mount the directory as a filesystem repository instance, it hangs out, too many files to list on the web.

Since we simply need to pick up some file at a time, we thought on building a repository instance, based on server-side filesystem, that does not list files by default. Actually, it should show you a search form to then list only matching files with the typed search criteria. It may be extensible to users if administrators want to, too.

To do so, we based this repository on the current filesystem repository from the Moodle core, including the ideas behind other searchable repositories, make it work and then applying some Domain-driven design concepts to the developed code, for a clearer, more sustainable code along time.


Jordi Pujol-Ahulló



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