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Jpak compression format
C++ Meson
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Jpak compression format

Not stable or properly tested! Do not use to store any data you care about

This is a compression format designed for:

  • similar compression ratio as tar + xz
  • random access of files
  • parallel packing and unpacking

Note that parallel operations are not yet implemented.


Article about results is online here.

Compressed file sizes for different archivers including some not listed in the article above. Archives listed in decreasing order of size.

  • Zip 164 MB
  • 7zip 150 MB
  • jpa-10M 102 MB
  • jpa-10M 93 MB
  • tar.xz 92 MB
  • jpa-100M 91 MB
  • 7zip solid 91 MB
  • jpa-1000M 91 MB

The last three are very close to the same size, jpa-1000M is only around 100 kB smaller than 7zip solid.

All archivers used LZMA compression with default settings.

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