Sample code for a template implementation of a structure of arrays
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Structure of arrays library

This is sample code that aims to provide a simple header-only implementation of a structure of arrays. What this means is that instead of doing this:

struct Foo {
  int x;
  std::string foo;
  FooObj bar;

std::vector<Foo> myObj;

You could do something like this:

Soa<int, std::string, FooObj> myObj;

Which creates an object roughly equivalent to this:

class Soa {
    std::vector<int> x;
    std::vector<std::string> foo;
    std::vector<FooObj> bar;

With all the necessary legwork of iterators and so on. The reason to do this is that it improves cache locality and removes struct "holes" as all arrays are of one elementary type only.

In reality you can only have two objects of the same type. Expanding this to a full implementation is left as an exercise to the reader. It does require massive TMP skills, though, so be forewarned.


For various reasons I need to keep the copyright on this code all to myself. This means that in order to accept patches I would need to do all the legal stuff of copyright assignments and all that. I have no interest in that so therefore submissions from third parties are not accepted. Sorry. Feel free to fork the code on your own, though.

API stability

There is none.

Under no circumstances should you expose this in your public headers. In its current form it is not very useful even for internal use.


jpakkane at gmail dot com