based on the idea from lifehacker's defrag your brain with a spark file idea. a microstream for your own server.
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What is idea sparks php?

Store a spark - an idea that is, which you will constantly review and update every time the nofication/reminder date comes up.

The idea of a sparks file is not that it's a replacement for your todo list. It's more of a repository of ideas which you may forget over time.

Once live on your server, one feature being developed is the ability to either make your spark idea public or private. private - only you can see it once authenticated or logged in. public - the idea can be seen on the main page even if not logged in.

Then the next is to develop then there would be easy tools (javascript-based) which would help make it easier to deactivate or cross out a spark idea / remind oneself some other time.

It's not a todo list, it's more of a list of top ideas list which you have to constantly review. It would be nice to sort of have an email component to it which would send you old sparks which you should review - reminding oneself to update the spark to either done or top priority.

updates 2012-09-25

i'm adding in some backbone because i want to learn backbone. if you want to help me make an awesome view for the sparks fetch, please help me learn backbone. thank you! TODO: add-form for adding spark.

How to set up

Open up the config.php found inside app folder. This contains the sql code to create a sparks database. You also have to set the connection settings in several places - one is in the class/sparks.php, and one is in the config.php I still didn't fix the "global" $values from config to go into the class in sparks.php. It just couldn't get it for some weird reason so I still have to fix that up.

Inspect the class I made for basic spark viewing. This is not codeignite, the structure of the code files is what I thought is the to use when developing apps What I am lacking - a decent layout... It is just all html text and no design. A UI kind of thing to add a spark - still in progress. Something twitter-like in design.

I also lack a CLI utility so you can just type php sparky "example title" "post" "date" into your command line and it would insert that idea into your database

It\'s basically a database-driven todo list, except for ideas. eventually we can add tagging but that's not a necessity given that you won't be categorizing your ideas much. you could maybe set in the title for now [some-category] title-of-spark spark and that could be a neat way. Then create a new file to search for it. (sql would use LIKE '%%').

Why build my own?

I was going to use codeignite for this one but I thought it's too much overhead - filesize wise. So I decided to try coding up my own mini-framework. Apparently I don't know much about inheriting $mysqli into my objects, so that's why some functions in the class/sparks.php is still hard-coded. If you would kindly fork and give me a better way to inheirt $mysqli object connection, kindly let me know by giving me an email at