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My collection of config files (bash, vim, …)
VimL Perl Shell Ruby Makefile Erlang Other
Latest commit 5c0db53 @jpalardy bash: 1.33x for duration
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bash bash: cd functions inspired by zsh
r r: don't need plyr as often, with data.table
share/man/man1 bash: move /etc/man to /etc/share/man
ssh ssh: use ControlPersist
vim vim: complete backward on TAB
.gitignore remove unused
.setup.bash jshint --> eslint
LICENSE.txt add MIT license
README initial commit
bash_logout initial commit
bash_profile initial commit
bashrc fix last commit
eslintrc eslint: looser comments
filter ack_find: streamlined and more flexible
gemrc .gemrc
gitconfig git: branch and derivatives
gitignore bash / vim: ack_find cache tweaks
inputrc bash / vim: ack_find cache tweaks
irbrc ruby: remove looksee gem dependency
npmrc npmrc
rvmrc rvmrc
screenrc screen: don't show time/date
slate back to slate
tmux.conf tmux: show pane_id on <c-a>j
vimrc vim: minizinc


My config files :)

* take what you want
* make sure you read the "code"

More details to come.

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