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array[int] of int: durations;
int: n = length(durations); % number of tracks
set of int: TRACKS = 1..n;
int: k; % number of groups
set of int: GROUPS = 1..k;
array[TRACKS] of var GROUPS: groups;
% each group sums its durations
int: MIN_SUM = min(durations);
int: MAX_SUM = sum(durations);
set of int: SUM = MIN_SUM..MAX_SUM;
array[GROUPS] of var SUM: sums; % no group sums to zero
% the goal
var int: obj;
include "globals.mzn";
% splits are increasing, at least one apart
constraint increasing(groups);
% collects durations into group sums
constraint forall(i in GROUPS) (
sums[i] = sum([durations[j] * bool2int(groups[j] == i) | j in TRACKS])
% only max
%constraint obj = max(sums);
% both max and min
constraint obj = max(sums) - min(sums);
solve :: int_search(groups, dom_w_deg, indomain_median, complete)
minimize obj;
output [
"durations = ", show(durations), "\n",
"groups = ", show(groups), "\n",
"sums = ", show(sums), " -- ", show(min(sums)), "-", show(max(sums)), "\n",
"obj = ", show(obj), "\n"