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:SlimeSend1 command: Send a single line of text from the command line

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1 parent 7210e95 commit ad5d2f06d85785b8190fc6dd6871b5d04ce581ed @tmhedberg tmhedberg committed Mar 29, 2013
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@@ -215,6 +215,7 @@ endfunction
command -bar -nargs=0 SlimeConfig call s:SlimeConfig()
command -range -bar -nargs=0 SlimeSend <line1>,<line2>call s:SlimeSendRange()
+command -nargs=+ SlimeSend1 call s:SlimeSend(<q-args> . "\r")
noremap <SID>Operator :<c-u>set opfunc=<SID>SlimeSendOp<cr>g@

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