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An implementation of the Common LaTeX Service Interface using Ruby on Rails
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app Set default format to XML
client/lib Added asynchronous compiling and calling latex commands in a better, …
config Only load mailer.yml config settings if it exists
db Set umask so that output files by latex are writeable by the CLSI
doc Initial Rails framework
lib Converted dvipdf command to use dvipdf rather than dvipdfmx
public Added an explanatory index page
spec Allow token to be passed via the url parameter
test Initial Rails framework
vendor Unpacked the rack gem into vendor/
LICENSE Compile now writes response to output directory for future reference
README Added rspec to framework
Rakefile Initial Rails framework
TODO Fixed file extension parser to work even if file extension doesn't ha…
chrootedbinary.c Updated exception notifiter settings to work in production


== Required Gems

The following Gems are using by clsi-rails:
* rspec
* rspec-rails
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