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Simple parallelism for Common Lisp on SMPs
Common Lisp
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Cl-future is a simple way to achieve parallelism for common lisp on multiprocessor shared memory Unix machines. 

Cl-future requires the most recent version of Osicat. For that reason, we recommend you use repo-install to install it.


(future <expr>): Evaluate expr in parallel using a forked child process. Returns a "future" object whose value can be retrieved using get-future-value. No side-effects made in <expr> will be visible from the calling process. 

(get-future-value <expr>): walk the list structure "expr", replacing any futures with their evaluated values. Blocks if a future is still running.

*total-slaves*: The maximum number of slaves to run at any one time.

(terminate-children): Kill all currently running children.
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