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(in-package :future)
(defparameter *is-slave* nil
"Are we currently running in a slave process?")
(defvar *total-slaves* 3
"The maximum number of slaves to run at any one time.")
(defvar *free-slaves* (loop for i from 1 to *total-slaves* collect i))
(defvar *current-slave* 0
"if we are running on a slave, the slave number (from 1 to
*total-slaves*), 0 for the controller. This is useful for making
sure that processes don't collide on shared resources (like ports,
for example). Only one process will be running using a given
*current-slave* number at any time.")
(defvar *futures-awaiting-status* (make-hash-table :test #'eql)
"This table contains those futures that we haven't noticed have
terminated yet. When wait comes around and reaps them, we remove them
from the table" )
(defvar *spawn-child-hooks* nil
"List of functions that are executed in a newly spawned child before
anything else is done")
(defun fork ()
"We need to handle fork differently in different lisps or else they get really confused"
(return-from fork (sb-posix:fork))
(return-from fork (excl.osi:fork))
(defclass future ()
((pid :initarg :pid
:reader pid
:documentation "Process number that is evaluating the future. Null if evaluation is happening in process")
(result :initform 'unbound
:documentation "The result returned by the child process")
(code :reader code
:initform nil
:documentation "The exit code for the subprocess. Null if process has not been reaped")
(slave :initform :slave
:documentation "The number (1 to *total-slaves*) of the
slave this future is currently running on. Zero if on the
(defmethod initialize-instance :after ((f future) &key &allow-other-keys)
(with-slots (pid) f
(cond ((not (null pid))
(setf (gethash pid *futures-awaiting-status*)
(defmethod read-result ((f future) status-code)
(with-slots (pid result code slave) f
(setf code status-code)
(let* ((path (format nil "/tmp/pid.~d" pid)))
(destructuring-bind (output stored-result)
(cl-store:restore path)
(princ output)
(setf result stored-result)
(delete-file path)
(remhash pid *futures-awaiting-status*)
(push slave *free-slaves*)))
(cond ((not (eql code 0))
(error "Future terminated with error ~a" result)))))
(defun wait-for-slave ()
"Wait for slaves to terminate until we are able to launch a new one"
(loop while (>= (hash-table-count *futures-awaiting-status*) *total-slaves*)
(defun wait-for-one-slave ()
(multiple-value-bind (result status)
(nix:waitpid 0)
(cond ((> result 0)
(read-result (gethash result *futures-awaiting-status*) status))
(error "No child processes, but *futures-awaiting-status* is not empty")))))
(defun terminate-children ()
"Kill all currently running children."
(maphash #'(lambda (key value)
(declare (ignore key))
(with-slots (pid result code) value
(ignore-errors (nix:kill (pid value) 9))
(setf result (make-condition 'simple-error :format-control "Future killed by terminate-children")
code 1)))
;; reap them so they don't confuse us later on
(loop while (> (nix:waitpid 0) 0))
(clrhash *futures-awaiting-status*))
(defun execute-future (fn)
(cond (*is-slave*
;; if we have already forked off, don't fork again.
;; the parent needs to limit the forking behaviour
(return-from execute-future
(make-instance 'future :pid nil :result (funcall fn)))))
(let ((this-slave (pop *free-slaves*))
(pid (fork)))
(cond ((eql pid 0)
;; we are the child - evaluate the expression and write it to disk
(mapc #'funcall *spawn-child-hooks*)
(let* ((in (make-string-input-stream ""))
(out (make-string-output-stream))
(tw (make-two-way-stream in out))
(*standard-input* in)
(*standard-output* out)
(*error-output* out)
(*trace-output* out)
(*terminal-io* tw)
(*debug-io* tw)
(*query-io* tw)
(*current-slave* this-slave)
(let* ((output-pathname (format nil "/tmp/pid.~d" (nix:getpid)))
(*is-slave* t))
(let ((result (funcall fn)))
(cl-store:store (list (get-output-stream-string out) result)
(nix:exit 0)
(close tw) (close in) (close out)
(nix:exit 0))
(error (e)
(cl-store:store (list (get-output-stream-string out) e)
(close tw) (close in) (close out)
(nix:exit 1))))))
(setf (gethash pid *futures-awaiting-status*)
(make-instance 'future :pid pid :slave this-slave))))))
(defmacro future (&body body)
"Evaluate expr in parallel using a forked child process. Returns a
'future' object whose value can be retrieved using
get-future-value. No side-effects made in <expr> will be visible from
the calling process."
`(execute-future #'(lambda () ,@body)))
(defun get-future-value (expr &key (clean-up t))
"walk the list structure 'expr', replacing any futures with their
evaluated values. Blocks if a future is still running."
(cond ((null expr) nil)
((listp expr)
(cons (get-future-value (car expr) :clean-up clean-up)
(get-future-value (cdr expr) :clean-up clean-up)))
((eq (class-name (class-of expr)) 'future)
(with-slots (pid result code) expr
(loop while (eq result 'unbound)
do (wait-for-one-slave))
(return-from get-future-value result)))
(defun future-mapcar (fn list &key (chunk-size 1))
(let ((futures (mapcar #'(lambda (x)
(future (funcall fn x)))
(mapcar #'get-future-value futures)))
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