A Clojure function like python's yield statement. It can push items to a lazy sequence from arbitrary (non-lazy) code.
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Clj-yield provides functionality similar to Python's yield
statement. For example:

(def *sequence*
   (with-yielding [out 5]
      (loop [x 10]
         (if (pos? x) 
            (do (yield out x)
                (recur (dec x)))))))

*sequence* => (10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1)

With-yielding will run its body in a background thread and return a
lazy sequence of the yielded results. You can specify how far the
producer thread can get ahead of the consumers (5 above). The yield
function will block if the producer gets too far ahead. This allows
you to make arbitrary non-lazy code operate in a lazy manner.

If the lazy sequence ever becomes garbage collectable, the yield
function will throw a java.lang.InterruptedException. The body of the
with-yielding should return.

I wrote 'yield' for a couple different reasons:

1) I wanted some code to generate a lazy sequence, but it was
cumbersome to write it using lazy-seq. 'Yield' allows me to write it
as a simple loop.

2) I wanted to use transient data structures while calculating a lazy
sequence. Since 'yield' computes its output using a (single) background
thread, this isn't a problem. (Note: you can still spawn new threads
inside the body of a with-yielding.)

3) I wanted to move a time consuming operation into another
thread. Lazy sequences acting as buffered queues are great at
sychronizing producer and consumer threads.