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A SASS mix-in for turning OpenType features on and off in your embedded web fonts. (Only useful if you're using a web font with embedded OpenType features such as ligatures, swashes, etc)

Easy to use by only passing in the flags you want - so if you only want to turn on common ligatures, you could use:

@include otfeatures($liga: 1);

OpenType Features Key

@mixin otfeatures($c2sc: 0, $calt: 0, $clig: 0, $dlig: 0, $frac: 0, $hist: 0, $hlig: 0, $kern: 0, $liga: 0, $nalt: 0, $ncase: 0, $nspace: 0, $salt: 0, $smcp: 0, $ss01: 0, $ss02: 0, $ss03: 0, $ss04: 0, $ss05: 0, $swsh: 0, $zero: 0)


"liga" : common ligatures "dlig" : discretionary ligatures "clig" : contextual ligatures "hlig" : historical ligatures

Alternate Characters

"swsh" : swashes
"calt" : contextual alternates
"hist" : historical character alternatives
"salt" : stylistic alternatives


"kern" : enable use of embedded kerning table

Letter Case

"smcp" : small caps
"c2sc" : small caps from caps

Stylistic Alternates

"ss01" : alternate stylistic set 1
"ss02" : alternate stylistic set 2
"ss03" : alternate stylistic set 3
"ss04" : alternate stylistic set 4
"ss05" : alternate stylistic set 5

Numeric Extras

"zero" : slashed-zero
"nalt" : alternate annotation

The following OT Features are either/or rather than single choices, so require some 'if/else' logic

Number Case

"ncase" : number case

  0: default  
  lnum: lining figures  
  onum: old style figures  

Number Spacing

"nspace": number spacing

  0: default
  pnum: proportional spacing
  tnum: tabuplar spacing

"frac" : fractions

  0: off
  frac: normal fractions
  afrc: alternate fractions