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A Variable Fonts Primer for Designers & Developers

This is a project to create a thorough introduction to the latest font technology, variable fonts: their benefits, use cases, and techniques to adopt them in your own projects.

This project was initiated with generous funding from Google, as part of the Google Fonts update in 2020 to support variable fonts. It is not an official Google product, and Google provides no support for it.

Contributing Ideas

If you have any comments, questions or suggestions for this project, please post them as issues on the Github issue tracker,

Web Development

If you are a web developer, you can run the static site generator for this project locally with a recent version of Node.js and Ruby installed on your system.

First, clone the project and cd into the directory. Then run:

# Install Jekyll and dependencies
bundler install

# Install front-end dependencies
npm install

# Start the project
npm start

Then visit http://localhost:4000

To manually compile the site down to static HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, run:

npm run build

Assets are currently built to the assets folder, which are kept as part of the git history for now for the sake of deployment. Then, the Jekyll static site generator builds the final site to the _site folder.


The deployed site is and hosted on Github Pages, so commits to the gh-pages branch are automatically made live.