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Tracking Token Stripper

This is a Chrome and Firefox browser extension that strips Google Analytics (i.e. Urchin Tracking Monitor) parameters, and various other click tracking tokens, from URL query strings. This is done before the web request is made and results in both more private browsing as well as more aesthetically pleasing URLs.

You can install this extensions from the Chrome Web Store, Firefox Add-ons, or Edge Add-ons.

Recognized Parameters

The following query string parameters are stripped:

  • Facebook
    • fbclid
  • Google
    • gclid
    • utm_source
    • utm_medium
    • utm_term
    • utm_campaign
    • utm_content
    • utm_cid
    • utm_reader
    • utm_referrer
    • utm_name
    • utm_social
    • utm_social-type
  • HubSpot
    • _hsenc
    • _hsmi
  • Instagram
    • igshid
  • Mailchimp
    • mc_cid
    • mc_eid
  • Marketo
    • mkt_tok
  • Olytics
    • oly_anon_id
    • oly_enc_id
    • otc
  • Wicked Reports
    • wickedid
  • Yahoo
    • soc_src
    • soc_trk
  • Yandex
    • _openstat
    • yclid
  • Other
    • ICID
    • rb_clickid
    • stm_ variants of the utm_ parameters


This extension requires these permissions:

  • webRequest, to use the chrome.webRequest API
  • webRequestBlocking, to use chrome.webRequest in a blocking fashion
  • http://*/*?*, to filter http URLs
  • https://*/*?*, to filter https URLs


Urchin Logo

Urchin Logo by Jordan Irwin / Deluge.