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1 parent 8e80826 commit 9dcdc046526a0b3be24d9c610adc50b6e5e1e6d3 @joshaber joshaber committed May 12, 2012
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  1. +3 −3 ReactiveCocoaFramework/ReactiveCocoa/RACSubscribable.h
6 ReactiveCocoaFramework/ReactiveCocoa/RACSubscribable.h
@@ -62,9 +62,9 @@
// subscribable sends error with the error passed in by reference.
+ (id)startWithScheduler:(RACScheduler *)scheduler block:(id (^)(BOOL *success, NSError **error))block;
-// Returns a subscribable that calls the block with the given scheduler. The
-// block is given the returned subject and it can send values, error, or
-// completed as needed.
+// Starts and returns an async subscribable. It calls the block with the given
+// scheduler and gives the block the subject that was returned from the method.
+// The block can send events using the subject.
+ (id)startWithScheduler:(RACScheduler *)scheduler subjectBlock:(void (^)(RACSubject *subject))block;

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