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Command line interface to Spotify on Mac OS X
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A command line interface to Spotify.

Have you ever found yourself hacking away on a Terminal window while listening to Spotify when, oh no! a crappy song comes on! What do you do!?!

Switch the Spotify window and change the song? No! It'll take too long!

Aim for the next song button on your keyboard? No! Muscle memory isn't good enough to find that tiny ass button!

Is all hope lost?! You have spotty!

sexdaemon:~ jparishy$ spotty next

Hooray! You skipped the song!

Spotty has a bunch of commands, including:

  • play - Play a song if it's paused or stopped.
  • pause - Pause a song if it's playing.
  • toggleplaying - Toggle the song between playing and paused.
    • Aliases: playpause, tp, pp
  • next - Skip the currently playing song
  • previous - Restart the current song or go back to the previously playing song.
    • Aliases: prev
  • playing? - Is Spotify playing any music right now?
    • Aliases: p?
  • nowplaying - Print the currently playing song.
    • Format: by
    • Aliases: np
  • help - Print the help page.

More to come! I promise! This is just an hour or so worth of hacking, I'll make it more useful inbetween compiles of my larger C-based projects. Damn GCC.

Fork Me

Definitely fork me and add your own mods to this! Maybe we can look into getting it to work on Windows? I don't really know, I only code on Mac OS X, so AppleScript was my first bet and I stuck with it.

Feel free to pitch in, peoples!


Copyright (C) 2012 Julius Parishy Contact:

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