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Google Music client for iPhone, and eventually iPad

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iOS Google Music Player
Copyright © 2011 Julius Parishy

About The Project
This is an iPhone client for Google Music. Unfortunately, Google does not supply a native client for iOS, and the desktop web client relies on Flash (or HTML5, in some cases, I believe, but I couldn't get it to play on my iPhone). That's where I came in. I used Wireshark (which TOTALLY sucks on Mac OS X! Next time I'm using Windows!) to figure out the communication between my computer (the web desktop client) and Google Music's servers. That is, after hours of barking up the wrong tree and trying to see if I could find the information I need inside the Flash music player that comes with the desktop client. Anyway, once I figured out the protocol between the two (turns out it was mostly HTTP commands that returned JSON with information about the songs and URLs for the actual streams.

All code currently hosted on GitHub is Copyright (C) 2011 Julius Parishy and is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike license. This means you are welcome to download, modify, and really do whatever you want as long as you don't sell it and you must also license your releases under the same license.
I am in the process of updating files to reflect the license, so while it currently might not acknowledge the license in the files themselves, be aware that the license still applies to the head version and all other revisions currently hosted on GitHub.

Note that this is subject to change at my discretion given any circumstances.
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