Container to execute Rally over Openstack
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Container to execute Rally tests against Openstack based on CentOS/Fedora

How to start

Follow this steps to make easy the use of this container, I will asume that you already have docker installed:

  • Download and prepare the environment
docker pull padajuan/docker-osp-rally
echo 'alias docker-rally="docker run --name rally -t -i -v ~/rally_home:/home/rally padajuan/docker-osp-rally"' >> $HOME/.bashrc
source ~/.bashrc
ln -s /path/to/rally_tests_folder ~/rally_home
  • Execute Docker and start the container
sudo systemctl start docker
  • Now start working with rally
rally-manage db recreate   ## This will create and populate the internal DB
rally deployment list      ## This shows you the deployment list

How to change OS base

To change the OS base just modify the Dockerfile pointing to centos latest release and add this line:

FROM fedora:latest
RUN dnf update -y
RUN dnf epel-release -y
RUN dnf install -y git gcc libffi-devel python-devel openssl-devel gmp-devel libxml2-devel libxslt-devel postgresql-devel redhat-rpm-config wget python-pip which

Then, build the container and execute it ;)