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Software Install Guides

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My personal reStructuredText - rst - files for my Software Installation Guides.

The majority of these guides are the ones that I find myself - time and time again - repeatedly having to revist in order to either; build, rebuild or re-aquaint myself with some point of knowledge.

I have these docs - both self-hosted and being hosted - on at The ReadTheDocs hosting part was a recent occurrence. Currently, my NGINX-based server is reverse-proxying out to ReadTheDocs.

To Install Sphinx Stuff

Its best to utilize Homebrew team's python and pip packages, making sure that its going to be python 3 that will be installed on your system. Python 2 is being phased out and Python 3 is just plain better.

Run ./scripts/ It utilizes pip3 to install the required python programs.

If you want to just run the tests without the documents being built, run make local-tests. Otherwise, you can run make build to clean out any old documentation, then it runs linkcheck, tests building and then actually builds the documentation.