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My files for building my Software Installation Guides Website
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Software Install Guides

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My personal reStructuredText - rst - files for my Software Installation Guides.

The majority of these guides are the ones that I find myself - time and time again - repeatedly having to revist in order to either; build, rebuild or re-aquaint myself with some point of knowledge.

I have these docs - both self-hosted and being hosted - on at The ReadTheDocs hosting part was a recent occurrence. Currently, my NGINX-based server is reverse-proxying out to ReadTheDocs.

To Install Sphinx Stuff

You have to have python and pip already installed on your system. The main reason for this is that the Homebrew team recently made some changes to how pip is installed on our macOS systems. (Its installed under pip2, pip2.7, etc.)

Run ./scripts/

This will subsequently install the required python programs to let you build and view the docs.

Then, run make local-tests. This will run link tests on all of the URL's, along with testing for any other errors or issues, and then will build the docs into HTML files that are viewable from your browser.

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