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Pluggable wmd editor wrapper for django apps
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Django WMD Editor

A WMD-Editor wrapper for Django applications.


Installing django-wmd-editor should be really as easy as possible. To install django-wmd-editor all you need to do is just follow these steps:

  1. Download and install django-wmd-editor.

    You can use PIP to install the latest version of django-wmd-editor from github like so:

    $ pip install -e git://

    or you can run python install.

  2. Install django-wmd-editor in your django application

  3. In the wmd.js file on line 49, it explicitly states where images are located in your project. By default this is set to "/static/wmd/images", you must change this if your static files are located elsewhere.

    Run python collectstatic to collect the static files in all of your apps (including this one).


  1. In your models:

    from wmd import models as wmd_models
    description = wmd_models.MarkDownField()
  2. In your forms:

    from wmd.widgets import MarkDownInput
    description = forms.CharField(widget=MarkDownInput())

    Note: Use forms.CharField(widget=AdminMarkDownInput()) if you want the "preview" functionality to work in the admin.

  3. You also need to add these lines on your template to load the wmd static files:

        {{ }}

    Note: In the admin, these static files are loaded automatically.


In your django settings file, use this configuration for setting up your django wmd editor

  • WMD_SHOW_PREVIEW: Whether to show the preview or not. This is the setting if you use the wmd editor outside the admin. Values: True, False Default: False
  • WMD_ADMIN_SHOW_PREVIEW: Whether to show the preview in the admin or not. Values: True, False Default: True

Bugs & Features request

Just file it in the issue tracker.


Copyright © 2009 Scrum8 (, 2011 Marcus Whybrow under BSD License.

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