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A small factorio mod to add higher tier tools
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Expanded Tools

This mod adds 3 more tiers of mining tools to the game whilst keeping game balance in mind.

These are the new tiers:

  1. Jackhammer
    • Recipe 10x Steel plate, 5x Electronic circuit, 1x Engine unit
    • Required Tech Engine
    • Mining Power 6
    • Durability 6000
    • Damage 12 Physical
  2. Laser Drill
    • Recipe 10x Steel plate, 5x Advanced circuit, 5x Battery
    • Required Tech Laser
    • Mining Power 10
    • Durability 7000
    • Damage 20 Laser
  3. Atomic Disassembler
    • Recipe 20x Steel plate, 10x Battery, 5x Processing unit, 5x Uranium-235
    • Required Tech Alien Technology
    • Mining Power 16
    • Durability 8000
    • Damage 32 Laser

The tiers are determined by comparing the differences between the Iron and Steel Axe in the base game. The tier stats are calculated using the following factors and are rounded down to the nearest whole number.

  • Durability 5000 (Steel) - 4000 (Iron) = 1000, additive scaling
  • Damage 8 (Steel) / 5 (Iron) = 1.6, multiplicative scaling
  • Mining Power 4 (Steel) / 2.5 (Iron) = 1.6, multiplicative scaling
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