iSAX Indexing persisted in HBase


Lumberyard is iSAX indexing stored in HBase for persistent and scalable index storage.

Lumberyard is based on the paper:

The jmotif project provides some support classes for Lumberyard:

For more info on iSAX in the jmotif project:

Lumberyard is licensed ASF 2.0

State of Code

- approximate search works

- kNN and exact search are currently broken for iSAX indexes in jmotif's implementation. Therefore Lumberyard does not currently have them, either. (to be fair, we're mostly interested in appox search with Lumberyard.)

- Indexing only works as a serial process currently. I've yet to dig into the best way to update multiple rows at once in hbase. (locking is a tricky performance issue)



- rebuilt to use the hadoop-core (20.2) and hbase (0.90) jars from CDH3u0