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Turn any command into a shell. Think interactive xargs. Think awesomeness.
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This project (could be) really cool, but is no longer actively maintained. I (the author) stopped using it because I didn't want to add a kajillion command-completion scripts and/or translate bash shell completion functions to python. And I can't live without completion for very long!

However, if you're interested, let me know: If you want something added, or you find a bug, leave an issue. If you have a patch, do a pull request: I'll get to it when I get to it, which could be a day or a few months. If you'd like to take up maintenance yourself, that'd be great: let me know. Or, if a lot of people care, I'll start working on it again.

Repl Any

Use repla to convert any command into a shell. Think of it as a generic repl. Or an interactive xargs. Think less typing. Think awesomeness!

  • Do you use an awesome command that has lot's of subcommands, but no shell? (e.g. git, gpg) repla saves the day!
  • Do you frequently call a certain command again and again? (e.g. make) repla saves you typing!
  • Do you need to retype the same long, boring arguments to a command again and again, but with other options that vary? repla will slash away the repetition!

Miss your shell, and don't wanna go cold turkey? Precede your command with a bang and it gets passed to sh as-is: !rm -rf bonkers blue

And if you use screen or tmux, so much the better: Go ahead and dedicate a window for git, or make, or whatever: Then leave repla open and ready to go! (By the way, you should really be using tmux!)

repla was born of my annoyance with retyping git cmd all of the time. So the focus of it's development is to make git (or any command) less annoying. And it does.

How does it work?

Simple: When you enter a line, repla prepends the name of the currently wrapped command, and executes the resulting command line. Further, you can specify a list of prefix or postfix args that get added to the command every time.


    bash$ git --work-tree=temp-tree log --stat topic_branch -- file1 file2 somedir
    bash$ git --work-tree=temp-tree diff --cached ntopic_branch -- file1 file2 somedir
    bash$ git --work-tree=temp-tree add --patch -- file1 file2 somedir

(211 chars)


    git: %set prefix='--work-tree=temp-tree'
    git: %set postfix='topic_branch -- file1 file2 somedir'
    git: log --stat
    git: diff --cached
    git: add --patch

(125 chars)

NOTE: git: is the prompt; you don't have to type that!

But there's more

You can simply and easily extend repla's vocabulary, by writing a short Python class defining custom builtin methods and sticking it on the Python path. It's as simple as writing:

    from repla.command import CmdBase

    class AwesomeCommands(CmdBase):
      def cmdHello(self, args):"Hello, world!")

      def cmdFoo(self, args):
    if len(args) == 0:"Nyhh!")
    elif len(args) > 1:"Bahh!")
    else:"Foo bar.")

and then in repla:

    git: %import python.path.module
    git: %hello
    Hello, world!

See here for details.

Command Line

repla now sports command-line options, which was long overdue. Briefly:


You can set any option's value using the --set option. It takes a comma-separated list of OPTION=VALUE pairs, and is equivalent to specifying %set OPTION=VALUE ... on the command line. You can separate the flag from the OPTION=VALUE pairs either with an equals sign or a space.

As a shorthand for --set wrapped=COMMAND, you can give the command to wrap after all of repla's own options. Additionally, you can additional arguments after the COMMAND, which will be treated as prefix args.


  • wrap any command: %set wrapped='/path/to/my/command'
  • automatically send prefix/postfix args to the wrapped command
  • Execute sh commands: !cmd args
  • Built-in commands: %cd, %pwd, etc.
  • Extensible! You can make your own built-ins with Python.
  • Set options (and command/args) from the command-line


  • completion functions. Preferably without duplicating half of bash's source. (Suggestions?)
  • help builtin. What use are all those shiny builtins without documentation? (On the way)
  • allow custom builtins to execute other builtins or arbitrary command lines. (easy)


repla is licensed under the terms of the GNU General Public License, version 2. Please see LICENSE for details.

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