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iOS app that manages collections of IRL books, comics, manga, albums, etc.
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Book Binder
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Book Binder

iOS app that manages of IRL published media. If you collect comics, the kind you available to hold in your hand then Book Binder might be for you. Open source, MIT license. Written in Swift for iOS and iPhone.

Navigating this Repo

You need a Github account to clone or fork the code and read the documentation.

  • Code tab contains the code including unit tests, license, readme, and ux designs. You build the project all you need is Xcode 10.1 and macOS 10.14.1.
  • Issues tab contains bugs and enhancement requests.
  • Pull requests tab is where code changes are approved and reviewed. Use GitHub to make branch for your code change and submit a pull request.
  • Project tab is where plans are made and tracked. Good spot to check out if you want to contribute to the project.
  • Wiki tab is where the documentation lives. Start here to understand the architecture and implementation as well as tooling and motivations.
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