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A ring adapater for use with AWS Lambda and AWS API Gateway.

Develop locally using any ring server, and deploy to AWS Lambda and AWS API Gateway.

This adapter is meant to be used with single lambda function behind multiple AWS API Gateway routes, where routing of the request is done by a ring framework, such as Compojure.


See example/ for a code example and Swagger definition.

  1. Create a lambda function by passing a ring application to ring-aws-lambda-adapter.core/defhandler.

    For example:

    (ns example.lambda
      (:require [ring-aws-lambda-adapter.core :refer [defhandler]]
                [ring.middleware.params :refer [wrap-params]]
                [ring.middleware.keyword-params :refer [wrap-keyword-params]]
                [ring.middleware.json :refer [wrap-json-params
                [ring.util.response :as r]
                [compojure.core :refer :all]))
    (defroutes app
      (GET "/" {params :params}
        (let [name (get params :name "World")]
          (-> (r/response {:message (format "Hello, %s" name)})))))
    (defhandler example.lambda.MyLambdaFn (wrap-json-response
    $ lein uberjar
    $ aws lambda create-function \
        --region eu-west-1 \
        --function-name my-lambda-project \
        --zip-file fileb://$(pwd)/target/my-lambda-project.jar \
        --role arn:aws:iam::YOUR-AWS-ACCOUNT-ID:role/lambda_basic_execution \
        --handler example.lambda.MyLambdaFn \
        --runtime java8 \
        --timeout 15 \
        --memory-size 512

    Note that the namespace that contains the defhandler must be AOT compiled.

  2. Create an API Gateway endpoint with the following:

    • Integration Request

      • Mapping Templates
        • Content-Type: application/json

              "stage" : "$context.stage",
              "request-id" : "$context.requestId",
              "api-id" : "$context.apiId",
              "resource-path" : "$context.resourcePath",
              "resource-id" : "$context.resourceId",
              "path": {
                #foreach($path in $input.params().path.keySet())
                  "$path": "$util.escapeJavaScript($input.params().path.get($path))" #if($foreach.hasNext),
              "http-method" : "$context.httpMethod",
              "source-ip" : "$context.identity.sourceIp",
              "user-agent" : "$context.identity.userAgent",
              "account-id" : "$context.identity.accountId",
              "api-key" : "$context.identity.apiKey",
              "caller" : "$context.identity.caller",
              "user" : "$context.identity.user",
              "user-arn" : "$context.identity.userArn",
              "query-string": {
                 #foreach($querystring in $input.params().querystring.keySet())
                   "$querystring": "$util.escapeJavaScript($input.params().querystring.get($querystring))" #if($foreach.hasNext),#end
              "headers": {
                 #foreach($header in $input.params().header.keySet())
                   "$header": "$util.escapeJavaScript($input.params().header.get($header))" #if($foreach.hasNext),#end
              "body" : $input.json('$')
    • Method Reponse

      • Create all your required status codes - at least 200 and 500; 200, 404 and 500 for this example.
    • Integration Response

      • Content-Type: application/json

        Lambda Error Regex Method response status Mapping template
                       | `200`                  | `$input.json('$.body')`

        .*"status":404.* | 404 | {"error":"Not found"}, or similar .+ | 500 | {"error":"Unknown"}, or similar

Issues and Limitations

  • Only works with JSON APIs
    • AWS API Gateway appears to be very JSON-centric anyway
  • The response body or header values cannot be passed from the ring application, through API Gateway, to the end user for non-200 responses
    • This is due to an limitiation with the Lambda-API Gateway integration. Non-default response codes can only triggered using an exception. The exception body is treated as a string (even if it contains JSON), which does not allow for extracting the response body or header values in the "Integration Response"

To Do


Copyright © 2016 James Brennan

Distributed under the Eclipse Public License either version 1.0 or (at your option) any later version.


A ring adapater for use with AWS Lambda and AWS API Gateway




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