jQuery plugin - drag and drop desktop files and POST to a URL to handle files.
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jQuery filedrop plugin - html5 drag desktop files into browser

jQuery filedrop uses the HTML5 File API to allow users to drag multiple files from desktop to the browser, uploading each file to a user-specified URL.

filedrop uses HTML5 FileReader() to read file data.

Browser Support

Currently only Firefox 3.6+ supports FileReader, but the next version of WebKit browsers (Chrome + Safari) will also support this, making filedrop future-compatible.

filedrop also allows users to define functions to handle the 'BrowserNotSupported' error.

Usage Example

    url: 'upload.php',              // upload handler, handles each file separately
    paramname: 'userfile',          // POST parameter name used on serverside to reference file
    data: { 
        param1: 'value1',           // send POST variables
        param2: function(){
            return calculated_data; // calculate data at time of upload
    error: function(err, file) {
        switch(err) {
            case 'BrowserNotSupported':
                alert('browser does not support html5 drag and drop')
            case 'TooManyFiles':
                // user uploaded more than 'maxfiles'
            case 'FileTooLarge':
                // program encountered a file whose size is greater than 'maxfilesize'
                // FileTooLarge also has access to the file which was too large
                // use file.name to reference the filename of the culprit file
    maxfiles: 25,
    maxfilesize: 20,    // max file size in MBs
    dragOver: function() {
        // user dragging files over #dropzone
    dragLeave: function() {
        // user dragging files out of #dropzone
    docOver: function() {
        // user dragging files anywhere inside the browser document window
    docLeave: function() {
        // user dragging files out of the browser document window
    drop: function() {
        // user drops file
    uploadStarted: function(i, file, len){
        // a file began uploading
        // i = index => 0, 1, 2, 3, 4 etc
        // file is the actual file of the index
        // len = total files user dropped
    uploadFinished: function(i, file, response, time) {
        // response is the data you got back from server in JSON format.
    progressUpdated: function(i, file, progress) {
        // this function is used for large files and updates intermittently
        // progress is the integer value of file being uploaded percentage to completion
    speedUpdated: function(i, file, speed) {
        // speed in kb/s
    rename: function(name) {
        // name in string format
        // must return alternate name as string
    beforeEach: function(file) {
        // file is a file object
        // return false to cancel upload
    afterAll: function() {
        // runs after all files have been uploaded or otherwise dealt with


Reactor5 (Brian Hicks) jpb0104