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Use this updated project folder for further 

Things to do:

Use Less for CSS: 
Learn more about LEss here

B-	1. Make the current code working on Firefox. 

B - 4. Use the Hungarian notation for coding 'Jay' told you before.  

H - 5. rename the folder js  to "scripts"  & implement the changes required inside the code base.

H - Put more json data in other project groups too, it will look more functional

H - the icons in front of projects under project groups aren't changing. 

H - Make the details tab  - below on the page  functional /clickable  - we'll display data on that later. 

H - Make the table columns resizable like Finder window.   we discussed last night. 

S - Implement Selectable  on the project listings  so that when we trail the mouse all the listings are selectable.

S - 2. revamp the whole css file using Less. 
S - 3.  Change the wireframe as per Christof's requirements.

S - Using - create the modal popup when someone selects some rows and clicks Assignees button, / Complete button.
	make the rows 

S - Implement Autocomplete using the json file implemented by H   -

S - Create a new file from existing file - name it wireframe2 or something. Implement these features in Mockup / 

	1. Create a column for Flag like in gmail.
	2. put some more SFs in png
	3. Remove the About & Help buttons,,  Only the Logout button stays. 

--------These questions are for Christof  ------ 

@Christof  do we need the prject groups sortable?

@Christof  can we use  datepicker for due date?  It could be placed inside the modal popup.

@ chri  = how to break html in pieces like ror

@ even for this much data rendering  page is using