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Reverb effect using hybrid impulse convolution

Build Status

Original author: Christian Borß
Current maintainer: Jean Pierre Cimalando
Contributor: Olivier Humbert

The goal of this project is to keep the HybridReverb2 project maintained and fix the issues.
All information and original source code of HybridReverb2 is available on this project page.


(quoted from the original project page)

HybridReverb2 is a convolution-based reverberation effect which combines the superior sound quality of a convolution reverb with the tuning capability of a feedback delay network. The sound quality of a convolution reverb depends on the quality of the used room impulse responses. HybridReverb2 comes with a set of room impulse responses which were synthesized with tinyAVE, an auralization software which was developed at the Institute of Communication Acoustics, Ruhr-Universität Bochum (Borß and Martin, 2009; Borß, 2009a). These room impulse responses are designed for a speaker setup with two front and two rear speakers (Borß, 2009b). For a full surround sound effect, you will need two plugins, one plugin which uses a "front" preset for the front channels and a second plugin which uses the corresponding "rear" preset for the rear channels.

Christian Borß


Windows development builds

Impulse response database - CC-BY-SA 4.0 license


A CMake build file is provided to Linux users for the ability to build LV2 and cross-compile.
The traditional Juce build process has build files for all platforms in the Builds folder. It supports all formats except LV2.

To perform a CMake-based build:

git submodule init
git submodule update
mkdir build
cd build
cmake -DCMAKE_BUILD_TYPE=Release ..
cmake --build .
Build option Description
-DHybridReverb2_VST2=ON/OFF Build a VST2 plugin
-DHybridReverb2_LV2=ON/OFF Build a LV2 plugin
-DHybridReverb2_Standalone=ON/OFF Build a standalone program
-DHybridReverb2_AdvancedJackStandalone=ON/OFF Build a standalone for Jack with better features
-DHybridReverb2_UseLocalDatabase=ON/OFF Use a preinstalled RIR database in PREFIX/share/HybridReverb2
-DHybridReverb2_Assertions=ON/OFF Force building with assertions regardless of build type


The LV2 plugin is identified as
Load this in your favorite plugin hosting software. A free compatible plugin host is Carla.

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