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PasteScript templates to generate OpenBSD configuration's files.

This project uses Python tools to automate some tasks and produce some configuration's file


  • carped interface
  • carped vlan interface

How to play with me

python -d

Now you have new entries in bin/

bin/paster create --list-templates
(thd)athena:OPENBSD jpcw$ bin/paster create --list-templates
Available templates:
  openbsd_carp_iface:  An Openbsd carp interface.
  openbsd_carp_vlan:   An Openbsd vlan carp interface.

We can now play with templates

(thd)athena:OPENBSD jpcw$ bin/paster create -t openbsd_carp_iface foo
Selected and implied templates:
  openbsd.templates#openbsd_carp_iface  An Openbsd carp interface.

  egg:      foo
  package:  foo
  project:  foo
Enter cidr_ip (A CIDR IP address : ['']:
Enter desc (description (max 48 bytes)) ['a default description']: Lan interface
Enter vhid (Virtual Hostname ID) ['']: 1
Enter carp_group (Add this iface to another carpgroup) ['']:
Creating template openbsd_carp_iface
Creating directory ./foo
  Recursing into master
    Creating ./foo/master/
    Copying hostname.carp+vhid+_tmpl to ./foo/master/hostname.carp1
  Recursing into slave
    Creating ./foo/slave/
    Copying hostname.carp+vhid+_tmpl to ./foo/slave/hostname.carp1

Let we check:

(thd)athena:OPENBSD jpcw$ cat foo/master/hostname.carp1
inet vhid 1 carpdev em1 pass secure description "Lan interface"
(thd)athena:OPENBSD jpcw$ cat foo/slave/hostname.carp1
inet vhid 1 carpdev em1 advskew 100 pass secure description "Lan interface"

templates are intercative for a minimum variables, others came from default values in src/openbsd/templates/etc/defaults.cfg

but you could set thems like this

bin/paster create -t openbsd_carp_iface foo advskew=80

Availables vars are :

  • iface
  • cidr_ip
  • vhid
  • desc
  • carp_group
  • advskew
  • password
  • vlan
  • sames as above
  • vlandev

Please note that for carp vlan interface we assume you want the same id on vhid and vlan_id to be consistent

Then if you play with vhid = 8 the carpdev will be vlan8, and template will create hostname.vlan8